This is my blog about nature and a closer view on it. It is created not only for my interest, it is hopefully a place where others find ideas and I’m happy about new things, co-operations or a feedback. I created this blog as an independent platform for myself. I work in nature science and my job is to understand our funny small planet. In addition to my professional work, there are many things that are fascinating and many of them molds on hard drives or remain just an idea. Therefore I set my personal journal about nature. I think, it's important to walk with open eyes through the world and to see beyond borders. I like photography and try as many methods as possible. So you will find here micro-, macro-, infrared, normal photography and whatever I get in my fingers to use it. The collection is chaotic and will cover all things of my interest. From birding and safari to microscopy our beautiful world has many great things and I try as much as possible to take. 
Excuse my bad English I learned it by myself, mostly by book reading and will try my best, but errors are included. Also excuse the layout, I’m a little bit a minimalist and try to focus it on the things I want to present. Another reason is that I just not have the time for doing it better. Constructive critic is very welcome :-). To avoid misunderstandings, everything on this page is made with my private equipment. All microscopes, chemicals or further stuff is my own property. 

For contact please send an email to
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