Monday, July 14, 2014

Wine under the microscope - a collection of different wine sorts

this is a small collection of wine under the microscope (magnification 200 times and polarized light). The wine is frozen on a microscope slide and the formation of the ice crystals is controlled by wine compounds like suspended solids, tartaric acid or the alcohol contend. They produce different nucleation conditions for the crystallization of ice crystals and give every wine sort a special look. The ice crystals are a result of a complex interaction among the process of freezing and the wine compound reactions. It's a after party experiment whit a high number of almost empty wine bottles.

Cabernet sauvignon under a microscope
Cabernet sauvignon

wine under a microscope - chardonnay

merlot wine under the microscope

Pinot blanc wine under a microscope
Pinot blanc

Pinot grigio under a microscope
Pinot grigio

Pinotage red wine under a microscope

shiraz wine under the microscope

zinfandel red wine under the microscope

Chardonnay wine under a microscope
Another Chardonnay sample.

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  1. Nothing goes to waste...
    I always loved the colours that emerge from a polarising microscope.


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