Thursday, May 29, 2014

Clouds over Lake Nakuru

I made these photos during a trip at the Lake Nakuru National Park. The lake is famous for the numerous Lesser Flamingos on the shoreline and for a high number of wild animals. The water is alkaline and contains a high number of cyanobacteria and algae which are the food of the flamingos. The ecosystem is endangered by the withdrawal of water from rivers to the lake, pollution, the introduction of tilapia fishes (they consume the algae) and too much tourism. There were many dedicated people and hopeful they are successful to manage the future of this unique place.

Shoreline of the lake nakuru
The shoreline of lake Nakuru, the white crusts are salt.

lake nakuru panoramic view

flamingos on the shoreline of the lake naukuru
The flamingos.

The shoreline of lake nakuru with buffaloes
Buffalo on the shore.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Infrared photos of the Ludwig-Donau-Main-Kanal

The Ludwig-Donau-Main-Kanal in infrared light. The canal was built in the 19th century to connect the Danube and Rhine river systems in southern Germany.

Infrarot Foto Alter Kanal bei Nürnberg
A lock of the old canal.

Infrarot Fotos Alter Kanal bei Nürnberg
The Ludwig-Donau-Main-Kanal
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Red Insects

The last sunny day provided comfortable conditions for insects. I found these ones on a clearing in the woods: There was many red bugs, damselflies and cicadas like the Italian Striped Bug, Cardinal Beetle, Large Red Damselfly, Black and Red Froghopper or Sloe Bugs.

Sloe Bug Dolycoris baccarum
Sloe Bug (Dolycoris baccarum)

Black-headed Cardinal beetle
Black-headed Cardinal Beetle (Pyrochroa coccinea)

Cercopis vulnerata black and red froghopper on grass
Black and Red Froghopper (Cercopis vulnerata)

Black and Red Froghopper

Italian Striped-Bug Graphosoma lineatum
Italian Striped-Bug (Graphosoma lineatum)

Italian Striped-Bug or Minstrel Bug Graphosoma lineatum

A pair of Italian Striped-Bug or Minstrel Bug Graphosoma lineatum

 large red damselfly Pyrrhosoma nymphula on a leaf
Large Red Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula)
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Abyssinian Ground Hornbills

With a site of 1m and the heavy bill, Abyssinian ground hornbills are very impressive animals. I saw them mostly pairwise on harvested fields. They are also very intelligent birds, similar to ravens, live monogamous or in family associations and can become very old.

A pair of Abyssinian Ground Hornbills on a field in Ethiopia
A pair of Abyssinian Ground Hornbills on a field in Ethiopia.

A flock of Abyssinian Ground Hornbills
A flock of hornbills, they found something to eat (insects) and try to get it out of the wood.

Cheetahs in the Massai Mara

I have seen this group of four young male cheetahs during a safari in the Massai Mara in Kenya. They were resting on a small hill and in the shadow of a tree. They made a very elegant and relaxed impression which should not hide their immense power.

Cheetah in the Massai Mara

Cheetah in the Massai Mara

Cheetah sleeping in the shadow in the Massai Mara National Park

a group of Cheetahs in the Massai Mara

Friday, May 23, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mountain view - Debre Birhan in Ethiopia

A view from the mountains on the road from Addis Ababa to Debre Birhan in the North. This place is about 3000 m above the sea level and allows a view to the Afar depression which is about 100 m below the sea level. 
Helichrysum sp. in Ethiopia
Helichrysum sp. is a typical flowers in the mountains.

The mountains by Debre Birhan in Ethiopia
The Ethiopian mountains.

View from the mountains near Derbe Birhan in Ethiopia
The view in the Afar depression.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Maple syrup under a microscope

A dried and crystallized sample of maple syrup under a microscope. The crystals are the sugar in the syrup and the colors are produced by polarized light. 

maple syrup under a microscope
Maple syrup under a microscope (magnification 40x and polarized light).

crystals of maple syrup under a microscope and in polarized light
Maple syrup under a microscope (magnification 40x and polarized light).

microscope photo of maple syrup
Maple syrup under a microscope (magnification 80x and polarized light).

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Moth Invasion

This is tree in a small forest in southern Germany; it was completely covered by silk of ermine moths. At first glance it looks terrible but it’s also fascinating to the mass of caterpillars in the communal web. For the tree, the moths are highly dangerous. This one has lost all leaves.

tree with ermine moth web
Part of the web.

ermine moth web on a tree

a tree covered by ermine moth webs

ermine moth caterpillars
The caterpillars.

communal nest of ermine moth caterpillars
A nest with caterpillars.

The high amount of moths is also attractive for parasites; these are some ichneumon wasps placing eggs in the moth pupae.

ichneumon wasps on ermine moth caterpillars
Ichneumon wasps 

ichneumon wasps in a ermine moth nest

caterpillars of ermine moths in a communal nest

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