Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Birds on the Hainberg area

Some birds from the Hainberg, a nature protected area near Nuremberg. The birds are shy, with a high escape distance (there are many joggers, mountains bikers and dogs) but I had the luck to see a Cuckoo and a Winchat.

Common Cuckoo on the Hainberg
A calling Cuckoo.

Common Kestrel  on the Hainberg
Waiting for food, a Kestrel.

Common Starling on the Hainberg
Starlings are one of the most common birds on the Hainberg.

Winchat on the Hainberg
The Winchat
Linked with Wild Bird Wednesday.


  1. A great series of birds - too many people and dogs make it difficult to see birds anywhere!

  2. Wonderful photo's, it is hard to view nature and wildlife with people around everywhere.

  3. Great variety of birds! The last Winchat is my favorite. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  4. HI Great to have seen a Cuckoo. I have not heard one this year yet. Great shots of whinchat, a lovely bird to see.

  5. Delightful captures. Love the spread of the cuckoo's feathers.

  6. I've never seen a cuckoo although I've often heard them in the forest.

  7. loved to see teh cuckoo. I rarely see them where I live. I hear them sometimes but never see them.


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