Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Tanji Bird Reserve in The Gambia

The Tanji Bird Reserve is also known as Karinti Reserve, it is a nature protection area on the Gambian coast and the only breeding place of different tern species. I had a short walk there coming from a small fisher village in the South. Access is easy and you can walk along the beach to the mouth of the Tanji River. On the beach and at the river mouth was a large flock of different gull and tern species.

Tanji Bird Reserve Gambia
The beach at the Tanji Bird Reserve.
The gulls were a mixed flock of Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Heuglin's Gulls (?) and single Cape Gulls (they have a isolated population in Gambia). 

Flock of gulls in Gambia

The terns were a flock of Caspian and Lesser Crested Terns with Sanderlings and single Grey-headed Gulls.

Caspian Terns in Gambia

Terns and Gulls in Gambia

Caspian Terns in Gambia

Lesser crested terns in Gambia

Gulls, terns and sanderlings in Gambia

Grey headed Gull and female Cape Gull in Gambia
Grey-headed Gull and a female Cape Gull.
 And a single Godwit was still there:

Bare tailed Godwit in Gambia


  1. Great series and nice variety of birds. Very nice post!

  2. wonderful to see these birds; the shore-birds are leaving Australia now...

  3. Pretty shots of the Terns and the gulls! Happy weekend!

  4. Beautiful birds! I love the gulls and the terns.

  5. LOVE these images this week!!! And the photos are so sharp, clear and wonderful reflections on the ebbing sea.

  6. Brilliant shots of those gulls.

  7. uour shots is good to determine the size of the different species. The vaders looks so tiny.:)


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