Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beekeeping and honey in Gambia

Photos from a bee yard in Gambia. The beekeepers are stationary with common frame hives. Outside the yard they use boxes hanging in trees to protect them from animals. They produce 8 to 10 sorts of honey like mango or cashew nut honey.

Bee hive in Gambia
Hive hanging in a tree.

Beekeeping in Gambia
A beeyard in Gambia.

This is a sample of the cashew nut hones. It’s a brown honey with are very low viscosity (almost like oil) and is very aromatic. It seems to be monofloral. A look through the microscope shows a high content of pollen belonging to few sorts of plants. 

cashew nut honey
The honey under the microscope.

honey under the microscope
The honey under the microscope with a high content of pollen.


  1. Awesome pictures! If it possible, could you say how do you take a pictures under the microscope? Is it a bright-field method of microscopy? What is the magnification of these photos?

    Best regards, Maria

    1. The photos are made with a usual light microscope and the magnification was 80x.


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