Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tullu Deemtu/Ethiopia

These are some impressions from the Tullu Deemtu, the second largest mountain in Ethiopia. He is placed in the Bale Mountains in the South of the country. I made the photos on a trip some years ago and went on the top by car (J). The view was incredible and sky unbelievable blue.

Tullu Deemtu way

Tullu Deemtu

On top of Tullu Deemtu

Tullu Deemtu altitude
The air is thin there.

Bale Mountains Lobelia
Giant Lobelia (Lobelia rhyncopetalum) is the largest plant in this tundra like landscape. 
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  1. Beautiful, clear, blue skies and great captures for the day!! Thanks for sharing, these are awesome!

  2. Such a desolate yet starkly beautiful place!

  3. These are amazing photos of a whole different world. Thanks for sharing them.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  4. I just love country like this although you have to mind how you drive without slashing your tyres.
    Great plants in this barren landscape.

  5. Love the landscapes and pretty sky! The plants are pretty too. It does look like a different world there, great photos. Happy weekend!

  6. Nice photos, love, wonderful place! Greetings!

  7. Wow, was für ein Himmel über dem weiten Land! Sehr beeindruckend!

  8. Ansel Adams and Georgia O'Keeffe climbed ontop of vehicle to shoot photographs in New Mexico, U.S.A. I love this idea and your series of images. Excellent job!
    JM Illinois

  9. such a bare country. How can people actally survive there?

  10. beautiful contrasts…the dry earth, the water infused sky.


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