Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Invasion of Abyssinian Gras Rats

I observed this ‘small’ mass occurrence of gras rats in Northern Ethiopia. The species is perhaps Abyssinian grass rat (Arvicanthis abyssinicus), they have a small black stripe on the back. They emerged on a plateau, which is covered with fields and surrounded by stony slopes. They emerged on a plateau, which is covered with fields and about 2200 m above sea level. From one day to the other hundreds of specimens were observed in small groups, which were distributed over the fields or occurred along a river.

Abyssinian grass rat in a river bed
Abyssinian grass rat. 

Arvicanthis abyssinicus
Abyssinian grass rat. 

Abyssinian Gras Rat group on a field
Gras rat group on a field.

Abyssinian Gras Rat
Abyssinian gras rat on a field.


  1. hm, rats isn´t my favourite animals. Great photos of them.

  2. Yikes...I don't want them around..but the photos are fantastic!

  3. Those are cute rats! I like it

  4. He's kind of a cute little rat -- and as long as he stays outdoors in the fields ... that's a lot of them that you saw, wow.


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