Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Kali Gandaki in Nepal

These are just some impressions from a trekking tour in the Kali Gandaki or Gandaki River valley in Nepal and Mustang some years ago. The valley is a unique place with monasteries, pilgrimage sites and a breathtaking scenery and nature. It is one of the deepest valleys on our planet. The base of the river is at an elevation of 2540 m above the sea level and surrounded by two peaks with more than 8000 m (Dhaulaghiri 8167 m and Annapurna with (8091 m). It is just a little more than 5000 m uphill on this place and it is absolutely gigantic and surprising when the clouds open up and a mountain appears where there should be blue sky.

Annapurna Kali Gandaki

The Dhaulagiri massif with a glacier.
The Dhaulagiri massif with a glacier.

Dhaulagiri  Mustang
We went by plain into the mountains and walked back. I think the flight was somehow safe; the landing was a mixture of roller coaster ride and car accident. The way back was very comfortable (more than 100 km only downhill) and a really great experience. Every day is in another climatic and vegetation zone.

Airport Jomsom
The airport; it has now a paved runway. 
Gandaki River bridge
Bridge in the Gandaki River valley. 

Porter Mustang
A porter with construction material. Please have a look on the wood beams and image what weight he is carrying in the mountains walking several days and several thousands of meters uphill. 
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  1. This is a really beautiful area. The Dhaulagiri with the valley and clouds above is simply stunning. The plane landing before a paved runway was in place must've been a tad bit daunting. :/

  2. Wow!Wunderschöne Landschaftsfotos,Christian! Klasse!
    LG Steffi

  3. Awesome landscape and great shots! Hope to see it myself one day!


  4. Hello Christian,
    amazing landscape, wonderful pictures, love the first and the second, that's my favorits!
    Wish you a nice day,

    Thanks if you visit my blog

  5. Absolutely gorgeous shots. You're lucky to have been amidst such beauty.

  6. Fantastic, glorious captures of such amazing scenery, Christian!! They truly take my breath away!! Thank you for sharing the beauty!!

  7. Beautiful mountain scenery and gorgeous photos!

  8. beautiful earth, thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow - what majestic scenery and gorgeous shots!

  10. Great, these pictures are gorgeous! I love this beautiful place, stunning mountains!


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