Saturday, November 9, 2013

Himalayan salt under the microscope

This is a sample of Himalayan salt which was purchased in a super market. Under the microscope it shows different mineral phases consisting not only of salt. There was a study that detected several other minerals beside sodium chloride and a discussion about health effects of the salt. Result of the study and discussion was that the salt has no health effect. But the view through the microscope remains interesting

Himalayan salt  microscope
Himalayan salt under the microscope (magnification 100x and polarized light). The cubic crystal is sodium chloride, the table salt. It is surrounded by small crystals.

Himalayan salt
Another view (magnification 100x and polarized light) with sodium chloride and some other minerals (the bright crystals are a different mineral, maybe polyhalite).
The insoluble residue is that what remains after the salt was dissolved in purified water. In this case, it is made of quartz, clay minerals and iron oxides. All of them are minerals that do not harm or help but clean food is something else

Himalayan salt insoluble residue
This is the insoluble residue (magnification 100x and polarized light); the large crystals are quartzes surrounded by fine grained clay minerals and iron oxides.

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  1. I find that quite interesting, too. Your photos are really awesome.


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