Saturday, November 9, 2013

Four on one photo

I saw these birds near to Adigrat in the Ethiopian Mountains in a eucalyptus forest approximately 2800 m above the sea level. Normally, this forests a poor of birds, to see four species close together is a surprise. First, a single Tawny-flanked Prinia (Prinia subflava) was there, and then came a pair of White-breasted White-eye (Zosterops abyssinicus) and a pair of Variable Sunbirds (Cinnyris venustus). Last part of the flock was a single Speke’s Weaver (Ploceus spekei).

Flock of birds in Ethiopian eucalyptus forests

The flock, the yellow bird is the Speke’s Weaver, below is the Tawny-flanked Prinia, the blue bird is a Variable Sunbird and the small green birds with the white eyes are White-breasted White-eye.

A un unusual bird flock in African Eucalyptus forests

Tawny-flanked Prinia Ethiopia

Tawny-flanked Prinia (Prinia subflava)

Abyssinian White-eye

White-breasted White-eye (Zosterops abyssinicus)


  1. Awesome variety, great capturing all in the first photo.

  2. Beautiful little birds photos!
    Have a nice sunday! RW & SK

  3. Amazing. Wow. First such colorful ones, and secondly-------to have them there all at once, amazing!

  4. What beautiful little birds! How lucky to spot them.

  5. congrats to that nice surprice. I too think it looks lovely. :)

  6. I went back to the text to check - I thought they were eucalyptus branches - in Ethiopia?!

    Nice pictures.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Yes, it is eucalyptus, introduced in the 19th century and now a invasive species. Eucalyptus trees are dominating forest trees in Northern Ethiopia and this type of forest has a very low biodiversity.

  7. Very lucky to spot all the little birds.

  8. Great photos and fantastic to see so many birds in the one place.

  9. Quite a thrill to get all four in the same image on the same branch... well done

  10. Oh all four at once, excellent!


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