Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Morning on the Altmühlsee

The lake Altmühlsee is an artificial lake and an important resting place for migratory birds. Nearby are marsh areas called Wiesmet where ground nesting birds (Curlews and Godwits) have a refugium for breeding. These are some impressions from a morning at the lake photographed last week. It was a sunny autumn morning and I was there for 2 hours walking around. On the lake were many Common Mergansers and Gadwalls. Nearby on the marsh areas was a group of Eurasian Curlews. 

The lake:

Altmühlsee am morgen
The Altmühlsee

The waterbirds:


Gänsesäger Altmühlsee

Gänsesäger Altmühlsee

Common Merganser 


Tafelenten Altmühlsee

Common Pochard 

Schnatterente Altmühlsee


Löffelente Altmühlsee

Löffelenten Altmühlsee

Northern Shoveler

An some birds from the marsh areas:

Brachvogel Altmühlsee

Brachvögel Altmühlsee

Eurasian Curlews

Weißstorch Altmühlsee

White Storks

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  1. Great variety, the Mergansers are a favorite of mine! And the White Storks are cool! Wonderful photos, have a happy weekend!

  2. Those white storks....they look very large.
    Love the fields of birds you have and the waterfowl...they're ALL great. Oh, and I do love the foggy photo you shared of the artificial lake...I can see why it is a favorite for the migratory birds!!!

  3. Looks like you had a few wonderful hours walking around enjoying the birds!

  4. It is so fascinating how the beaks are so different fro bird to bird...all shapes and sizes. The ones on the Eurasian Curlews look wicked...they could catch most anything I would think. Enjoyed seeing your variety of pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the opening image, sets a great atmosphere for the post. I can identify all the species shown here, although the White Stork doesn't visit the UK

    Lovely Post

  6. Great photos - the lake and birds are all very beautiful.

  7. Hi What a wonderful variety of birds you have on this post. All lovely to see and enjoy however I really love your first shot. it is stunning and so atmospheric.

  8. Great photos...I was here earlier this weekend, but it never hurts to repay you a visit!!!

  9. Those are some wonderful shots! Such a variety of birds is amazing. Love the curlews best.

  10. It seems you had a good morning of birding! What a lovely area! Very nice photographs of a good variety of birds.

  11. What an excellent variety of birds!

  12. the intro' photograph shows such a lovely location and I enjoyed your series of waterbirds...


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