Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Luminol and the Cauliflower Structure

This is another experiment with luminol. For further explanations of the chemistry and the method see this post: Luminol experiments with vegetables. Luminol is used in forensic science to find blood traces and can be used for many more applications. It reacts with oxidizing chemicals and produces a luminescence by the presence of iron, copper, cyanide and some enzymes. These are some vegetables that have been cut in the middle and have been coated with luminol. An enzyme called horseradish peroxidase causes the luminescence. It strange but they have a mystical appearance and a remarkable structure of fractals. 

Luminol HRP

Romanesco broccoli with luminol

luminol plants

Cauliflower with luminol

Experiments with luminol

Broccoli with luminol

Experiments with luminol

Cabbage with luminol

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  1. The vegetables with luminol are beautiful. I love blue and these glowing blue photos are intriguing...

  2. You make that cabbage so unique.

  3. Whoa... fascinating process and photos♫ My Abstract:

  4. Fascinating, indeed! Such a wonderful effect. (They remind me a bit of brain scans.)


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