Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The end of birds?

Today I found in the news that migratory birds are killed by hunting with nets. Nothing new, some countries are known for that. Really scary is the amount of hunting in Egypt. On a 700 km corridor on the Egypt coastline, the birds are caught with nets up to 5 m high. The study reports that almost all 700 km are covered by nets and that the estimated amount of killed birds ranges by 10 million or more. To the hunted species belong warblers, red-backed shrike, quails, thrush nightingale and probably much more.
This is a link to an interview with Holger Schulz who was one of the persons that created the study (in German): Die 700 Kilometer lange Todesfalle am Mittelmeer.
This is another link to the study (in German): Vogelmord in Ägypten bedroht Zugvogelbestand.
Together with this study: The impact of free-ranging domestic cats on wildlife. That tries to show how many birds are killed by cats (it was a hot discussion of the impact in Germany or Middle Europe) and the situation in our cultural landscape; this is real danger for the bird population. The biodiversity of birds in Middle Europa is relative low and many species have decreasing numbers caused by the loss of biotopes and by farming. 

A successful homecomer, a blackcap in the Tennenloher Forst near Nuremberg.

He also survived a starling front of my home. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dandelion in infrared light

A meadow with dandelions in infrared light. The photos are made with a 720 nm filter.

Lichens in ultraviolet light

Lichen shows different colors and fluorescence in ultraviolet light. This is a Common Orange Lichen (Xanthoria parietina) grown on a tree in a farming area. In visible light it has a yellow color, in long wave ultraviolet light a red and in short wave ultraviolet light a yellow to green color. The red fluorescence is produced by chlorophyll. 

In visible light:

Xanthoria parietina

In long wave ultraviolet light:
Xanthoria parietina uv light

In short wave ultraviolet light:

Xanthoria parietina uv light

This post is linked with Macro Monday and Orange Monday.
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