Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baboon gang

This is a family of baboons. I met the group at earlier morning; they were looking for food near to our lodge in the Awash National Park/Ethiopia. The leader was trying to scare me (with success) while the others are unimpressed. 

Awash National Park Baboon

Some climbing trees and act as a lookout to detect predators.

Papio anubis

Awash National Park

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity for photos! You did great.

  2. Love those tree sitters. A Judicious place to spot predators.
    Joy - ABC Team

  3. Wow! Amazing photography ~ what a great place to live ~ ^_^

  4. This is a walk I never expected to take today! Wonderful photos for Walk and Click!

  5. These are fabulous, Christian! I have no opportunity to see baboons here in Colorado except in a zoo. How lucky you are. I would have been scared by that first baboon screeching at me too! I'm delighted that you joined in Walk and Click Wednesday! Do come again. ;->

  6. Wonderful shots! And yes I can see that being a little scary. Visiting from Walk and Click Wednesday.


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